What is Georgia Power’s Thermostat Energy Management Program (TEMP✓)™?

TEMP√ rewards Georgia Power customers who have an all-electric heat pump and smart thermostat for being a bit more flexible with your smart thermostat schedule. As a participant, you help make energy cleaner and more cost-effective for everyone — plus you’ll get a $50 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® when you enroll.

Here’s how it works: on extremely hot or cold days, energy demand can spike so much that getting power to everyone who needs it can become inefficient — and expensive. On days when we anticipate there will be a high demand for energy, TEMP√ will schedule Flex Hours: this means we’ll shift some of your energy use out of the hours when demand is highest. We’ll do this by working with your thermostat to keep your home comfortable all day, while being a bit more flexible about when we warm/cool it. 

By tweaking your thermostat schedule so your all-electric heat pump uses less energy during the most high-demand hours, and coordinating your energy use with thousands of others’, we can keep energy demand (and prices) under control while keeping you comfy. 

Last Update: March 5, 2019

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